What To Consider

The majority of clients experience change within the first two weeks of taking their remedy, often sooner. Although conditions that you have had for a long time can take longer to resolve, you should experience benefits quickly.  The right remedy can really move things!   

We will be in a better position to judge how you might progress after we have seen how you respond to your remedy. You should budget for at least three appointments initially.  We are going to working on nudging your system so you get better and you can enjoy your life more.  You should make permanent gains without having to suppress symptoms, without having to deal with unpleasant or damaging side effects, and without having to take medication for ever.  

You are investing in a better future for yourself, so you can be the person you feel is really you.

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Adult, new consultation (90 mins) – £75 (US $100)

Adult, follow-ups (45 mins) – £55 (US $70)

Child, new consultation (90 mins) – £58 (US $75)

Child, follow-ups (45 mins) – £46 (US $60)

Acutes (new clients) – £35 (US $45)

Acutes (existing clients) – £25 (US $35)

Clients will be sent a prescription and instructions on where they can purchase the remedy they require.

Bach Flower Essences may also be offered as optional additional support; this is charged for separately.