Homeopathy is effective, safe and gentle – but very powerful.  It nudges your body and your mind to find the balance that has been lost.

There are no side-effects, no need to keep taking the remedies forever, no toxicity issues, and no problems with taking it alongside other medicines.

It is quite simply an amazing aid to getting and being well in the deepest sense.

Instead of suppressing your symptoms, homeopathy works by using the correct remedy to stimulate the body’s own healing processes.

So you can start to move to a better state of health where you are more yourself, with more energy for your life

Getting You Better

Your body has its own innate healing systems. It is a very complex organism which has evolved to maintain its own health very effectively for much of the time. If you cut yourself, generally it heals. If you catch a cold or ‘flu, generally you get better, even if not immediately. Even with more serious illnesses, it is your body’s own healing processes which are responsible for the core of the healing work.

Modern conventional medicine, amazing as it can be, is still reliant on your body’s ability to heal itself.

If you take paracetamol for a headache, it does not cure the headache: it masks the pain so you feel it less, and in the meantime you hope your body cures itself of the headache.  If it doesn’t, you may end up taking more paracetamol.

If you take antibiotics to fight an infection, they may reduce the levels of bacteria in your body significantly – but it is your body’s healing processes that are responsible for dealing with the damage and getting you back on track.

If you break a leg or need surgery, though you may be lucky enough to get wonderful treatment, you are still reliant on your body to heal by growing new bone, membranes, blood vessels, skin and other tissues in order for you to recover.

So the idea of stimulating your body’s healing processes makes a great deal of sense.

Starting Change

Sometimes your body needs a nudge to encourage it to start to get better, whether from physical symptoms or from how you feel on a mental and emotional level. 

The exact mechanism by which homeopathy stimulates a body’s healing mechanism is still not clear, though there is a whole body of theory about how it works.  

What we do know is that if we manage to correctly match the symptoms of a person who is ill with the profile of a remedy, then we can stimulate the person’s own healing mechanisms and the person will start to recover.  

Homeopathy can help with all sorts of problems, from asthma to anxiety, from persistent migraines to panic attacks and from gout to grief.

Change Changes

A person may need a number of different remedies as they move along the path to better health because their symptoms and their state will alter as things change, so the remedy must always be carefully matched to a person’s state at the time it is prescribed.  

The matching process takes account of a person’s mental and emotional state as well as their physical state in order to find the best remedy match to stimulate their system.  

This means that a homeopathic prescription is highly individualised: taking account of your personal and family medical history, your symptoms now, together with how you feel.  

All of this means that your prescription is designed to fit YOU closely NOW, and stimulate your body to start to heal. 

Who Can Benefit?

Homeopathy is suitable for people from all stages of life, from pregnancy to old age, and can be especially quickly effective in children.  Homeopathy can often help people get better without the need for antibiotics. 

Homeopathy is incredibly helpful for a very wide range of problems.  I have personally seen people with, for example: acne, adolescent rage, anxiety, arthritis, cystitis, poor concentration, lack of self-confidence, digestive problems, earache, eczema, chronically low energy,  exam panic, fevers, failure to grow properly, grief, insecurity, insomnia, heart problems, headaches, hot flushes, indigestion, knee problems, labyrinthitis, migraines, chronic nerve problems, feeling completely overwhelmed, panic attacks, heavy painful periods, rashes, sciatica,  shock, stress, thrush, temper tantrums, tonsillitis, vomiting and wounds that won’t heal (especially in the elderly) get very much better with homeopathy. 

If you want a safe, effective, natural, drug-free approach to improving your health, without the risk of side-effects, give homeopathy a try.  

It can make such a difference to your life!