Not feeling OK

Perhaps you have lost someone, or something major in your life has changed, and you are unable to get out from under the feelings this has brought up for you.

Or maybe you are always worried about how you look, or how you are performing at work or in your studies or socially, and you have a constant level of anxiety that just does not go away.

Or maybe you have a complicated family background that has left you feeling terribly insecure.

Lots of things can affect us, bringing a load of negative emotions we can get trapped in.

But you are here, and that’s a great step on the road to change!  

Getting stuck.

Negative thoughts and feelings just do come with some life events.  But if you get stuck in one of these, it can make life very hard and even the simplest tasks can end up feeling like climbing an endless mountain of slippery mud.  

You have no energy, find it hard to make decisions, and even harder to actually get anything you need to do done.  

You have no confidence in yourself and your abilities – and sometimes not enough to go out of your own bedroom. And you are fighting to keep your nose above the waterline in terms of how you feel.  

Even if you are just about coping, and it looks from the outside as though things are OK, just getting through the day can be exhausting, and you wonder how you can possibly keep going.

Getting stuck happens – but it doesn’t have to stay that way.  

There is a way forward out of this.

I hear you

I know how hard it can be when you don’t feel okay within yourself.  

Things that seem relatively small to other people can have a huge impact on you.  You can feel lonely, frightened and shut in – or out – and that no-one understands what is happening to you.

You can feel very isolated:  people don’t know how to respond to you, or how to help you.

I can listen.  I provide a safe, supportive space for you to talk.  With the security and freedom of knowing you are not being judged.  

And I will hear what you are saying.

Contact me for a free chat about getting things to start moving forwards.

A remedy for you ...

The consultation allows me to make a prescription that will really be individually tailored to you.  This is not a “one-size-fits-all” answer: twenty people with “anxiety” might easily need twenty different prescriptions.  Your prescription will be a remedy to take account of all of you, and what is going on for you now.

Contact me for a free 20 minute talk to see how we can start to change how everything feels to you.

Change can happen

Basic information  (see What to Expect) can be enough for me to find a remedy for you.  

And that can be enough to really start things changing. 

With the right remedy, clients report more refreshing sleep, having more energy and generally feeling better in themselves.

Along with this it’s almost as if things somehow move.  You begin to get a bit of distance from your problems –  you are looking at them from a different place, where they do not seem so overwhelming.  You start to feel like you can be you again. 

Have a look here and see what other people have said about changes in how they felt: get inspired, and get in touch!