Changes others have described

“I had so much insecurity and anxiety before.  It was crippling.  I have not had that feeling since the remedy.  I feel SO much better now.  The issues have not gone away, but my relationship with them has changed, and it’s easier to make decisions.”  (MA)

“I felt calmer and I could go to sleep at night instead of staying awake until 4am.” (BJ)

“Homeopathy … changed the way I related to my mental symptoms – instead of being consumed by them, I was able to see them from a new perspective, one with distance, offering me a clarity I have never known.” (WE)

“I wasn’t upset about going to the dentist, even though I had to have a new tooth put in. Normally I would have been really panicky.”  (MJ)

“It’s amazing. All that grief that I felt, it’s all gone.  Of course I’m still really sad, but I feel calm about it now.  I’ve even tried putting myself back in that place mentally, and all that anxiety and emotional stress is just not there anymore.  Quite incredible.”  (CJ)

“I could just get up in the morning and go. The difference was remarkable.  I woke up in the morning and the day wasn’t a struggle.  I felt like myself again.” (MJ)

“My perspective shifted completely – the problems were no different and no smaller, but I was looking at them from higher up. They were not towering over me anymore, and I was able to take some action to do something about them.” (MC)

“I feel as if the remedy is helping me put things in an order – stuff I have overlooked before. Things feel in clear focus and close up – as if everything is being presented to me here and now – whereas before things felt far away.”  (UR)

“I felt so great that I could actually finish the exam – that I didn’t have to get up and go out of it.” (MB)

“I felt I could stand back from the problems and see them as separate from me. Before I just didn’t have that distance and it was much harder to take decisions.” (TD)

“The remedies Catrin gave me shifted something deep in me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.” (MA)

“Now I understand it emotionally. I had understood in words what was going on before, but I was not able to understand it emotionally before taking this remedy, and that has made all the difference.  I feel I that it’s going to be possible to move forward now.  I’m not just trapped in something I will never be able to change.” (WE)

What clients have said about working with me

Sometimes I was having 10 panic attacks daily …

It sounds dramatic, but I don’t think I’ve known a time in my life where my anxiety and depression has not tormented me. 


My story starts when I was 16, where I first noticed something wasn’t quite right, and has worsened throughout the years to my age today – 22. Throughout this time, I have had countless panic attacks, periods of crippling anxiety, as well as periods of depression where I have been rendered unable to read, walk, function, and sometimes even move, due to the haze that has clouded my mind. At times I have felt lightly but troublingly suicidal, which is the worst kind of alarm bell that something needs to change.

About 6 months ago, I went through what I can only describe as a traumatic experience. I won’t go into detail about what happened, but it sent me spiralling downhill in a way I have not experienced before. Before I knew it, I was having 10 panic attacks daily – sometimes I’d literally finish with one with barely a breath before another one took hold. It was also accompanied with the all too familiar feelings of all-consuming depression, which remained seemingly unsolved from years of prior therapy.

It was at this stage that I was introduced to Catrin – first through a friend on emergency terms, but later on she took my case and we have been working through my issues ever since. I’ll admit, I was originally sceptical of homeopathy, but honestly – deciding to start a course has been the best thing I have ever done for my health.

I can’t even begin to explain how it changed me, but the best way I can think to start is to describe homeopathy as a breath of the freshest air ever to exist in this world. It calmed my panic attacks in a way beta-blockers (conventional medicine for panic attacks) didn’t. It has also helped me move on and process my feelings. Whereas therapy has fostered my understanding of my issues, I found it could not allay them. I can analyse my problems to death, but I found I couldn’t change how I was feeling both physically and emotionally. Homeopathy changed all of that. It treated my physical symptoms and changed the way I related to my mental ones – instead of being consumed by them, I was able to see them from a new perspective, one with distance, offering me a clarity I have never known. It is nothing short of magical.

In a way, the traumatic experience symbolised everything that was going wrong in my life, and the aftermath forced me to look at all my underlying issues. I cannot think of any other form of help that would have allowed me to process it in the way I have with homeopathy. I have made more progress with my mental health than I ever have before. What’s more, homeopathy continues to go beyond that – I am increasingly finding myself able to move on from things which have been troubling me since my childhood, that I have held onto for a long time.

Together, Catrin and I have worked through the layers of my anxiety and depression, uncovering new feelings and treating the various stages as they arise. I have never been more confident in a form of medicine, but more than this I have never been more confident in someone’s ability. Catrin is extraordinary – she is wonderfully kind, empathetic, understanding and considerate. What’s more, she is incredibly knowledgeable – often in our sessions she’d know what to give me within the first 15 minutes. So far, there is nothing that hasn’t worked. I now feel able to live my life in a way that I have not experienced before, and I would thoroughly recommend homeopathy for anyone who is struggling. It has changed my life – thank you so much Catrin for everything. (WE)

Catrin’s remedies shifted something deep …

Catrin’s compassion, understanding and hard work has brought me from a place of insecurity and sadness to one of fulfilment and joy.  


I’ve held a lot of scepticism in the past when it comes to homeopathy and I’m not sure it makes sense to me even now, but I do know the remedies Catrin gave me shifted something deep in me, and I couldn’t be more grateful. (MA)

A practitioner I would definitely recommend …

Catrin takes an extremely thorough and empathetic approach to treatment. 


The remedies she prescribed were very useful in helping me to combat the exam-based panic I suffered from, and helped alleviate my relatively severe acne. She is definitely a practitioner I would recommend. (MB)

Remarkable empathy …

Most of us come to homeopathy because we have needs modern medicine is currently unable to meet.  Catrin has a rare combination of skills to meet those needs; not only does she have a first-class scientific brain and training, she has personal experience of great pain, and remarkable empathy with other people.  


She has time for detailed study of her patient, and only then does she produce invaluable advice and those mysterious homeopathic remedies – which work!  (BM)

One of the worst times of my life …

I started seeing Catrin at one of the worst times of my life as my lovely Mum had just passed away. Catrin was like a breath of fresh air to me after such a difficult time.


She was pleasant, happy and so easy to talk to about everything! She took a genuine interest in me and what I needed, always asking what I consider to be the right questions so she could prescribe the right remedies for my wellbeing.  The remedies she prescribed have helped me to move on in my life and be able to feel well and the healthiest I have felt for a while.

Catrin is a highly knowledgeable homeopath with so much to give to her clients.  I felt that she has supported me 100%  since I have met her and her advice has been invaluable, I love her wonderful sense of humour and positive attitude to life. I will continue to see Catrin as a client and would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for an amazing homeopath. (UR)

It was a miracle …

Elena is 10 years old and she is growing fast and is very healthy; she has lots of energy and is active in sports, music and all sorts of intellectual activities. But it wasn’t like that last year.


Ever since she was a little girl, right from when she started to walk (1.5 years old), Elena was not very energetic and refused to walk when we went out.  When we came to the UK, Elena was 5 and she became even more tired. We thought her condition was related to the lack of sun and, therefore, the lack of vitamin D (due to the many grey days). We gave her vitamin supplements and even though she was better, she was, always, tired. She didn’t want to go to sports activities after school and she wasn’t growing properly; in particular she wasn’t gaining enough height.

We took her to the doctor and they examined her and did some blood tests. The levels of haemoglobin and vitamin D were always normal; we were told that the pain in her legs was growing pains and that everything seemed to be normal.

As a mother, I was very frustrated. I tried more vitamins, I changed her diet, I gave her pain killers but nothing worked.

I met Catrin in July 2017, and she did an assessment for Elena, after which Elena started her first treatment with Silica, to improve her absorption of nutrients from her food. When Elena started having her medicine, she liked it very much saying that the little pills tasted of orange, which is her favourite fruit. I asked Catrin if she had added some flavour to Elena’s medicine – but the answer was negative. I imagine Elena needed this medicine so much that it was proof that the medicine was the right one for her. And it was.

After her treatment, Elena really changed: she didn’t complain of excessive exhaustion the way she had done in the past. She enrolled herself in afterschool clubs (athletics) and participated in championships, even wining some prizes. She improved her swimming and reached the next level in no time. She agreed to participate in Explore Learning after school, which involved studying until 8:30 pm once a week.  And she was eating and sleeping much better.

She grew 10cm in 4 months and we had to buy lots of new clothes and shoes for her! She started to change her old milk teeth into the permanent ones. She was willing to go for long walks and didn’t complain about leg pain. She became more helpful and happy than she had ever been before.

It was a miracle, as a result of having Catrin’s experience and knowledge to prescribe the right homeopathic medication for Elena.  We are so grateful to her for all her experience, knowledge, inquisitive research capacity, patience and kindness – and Catrin and Elena have become good friends due to Catrin’s friendliness and gentle approach with children. (CJ)

Catrin really listens and understands me …

I have been seeing Catrin for more than a year now.  She has helped me deal with chronic pain and without her help and guidance, I feel I would not be on the path of recovery.


I have already reduced my medications significantly.

She’s easy to talk to and is a very warm, caring and positive person. She makes me feel at ease and explains things clearly. She often surprises me with reminders of little pieces of information that I had forgotten I had said, which often reminds me of the progress I have made.

I have her and her chosen remedies to thank for my recovery so far and feel optimistic that soon I will be off painkillers. She also has a good knowledge of alternative therapies and conventional medicine. I feel she really listens and understands me and explains things logically. I always feel better after talking to her. (MS)

What a blessed relief …

On a week’s holiday in Cornwall I became ill with giddy spells. Antibiotics had no effect on the problem, and on my return home my local doctor finally diagnosed it as labyrinthitis, or too much water in the inner ear. It was only after taking the homeopathic remedies that Catrin prescribed that the condition finally cleared up.


Conventional medicine has no cure for this other than to prescribe medication which will reduce the worst effect of the giddiness for a short while. The giddy spells meant that I could not drive, as I had to lie down for half an hour and it then took three to four hours before I felt OK again. These disabling spells were happening nearly on a daily basis.It was only after taking the homeopathic remedies that Catrin prescribed for two to three weeks that the condition finally cleared up.  What a blessed relief!  (MJ)