A consultation

The more you can tell me about things, the better, but you do not need to go into details where you don’t want to.

Straightforward information such as

  • what foods you like,
  • how thirsty you are,
  • whether you are a hot or a cold person,
  • what weather you prefer,
  • whether you dislike for example heights or crowds – or mice! –
  • and what position you prefer to sleep in,

is all really useful, as is an outline of your medical history and what health issues run in your family.

A first consultation lasts about 90 minutes so I can cover what I need to know to find the individual remedy which is the best match for you.

Which Remedy

There are several thousand homeopathic remedies: a consultation helps me to chose the right one for you.

There are, for example, dozens of remedies for headaches – and a dozen different people with a headache might each need a different remedy.  However, as soon as we learn some more details – such as that the headache is there first thing in the morning and gets better when the person gets out of bed, we have narrowed down the choice of useful remedies significantly.

Getting It Right

In homeopathy it is often the little details that are the key to choosing the best remedy match for you.

For example, if you have physical symptoms, I might ask:

  • where does it hurt (e.g. in my throat / my chest / my stomach)
  • what does it feel like? (as if something was stuck in my throat / as if there was a weight on my chest / as if my stomach were compressed)
  • what makes it better or worse (hot drinks? a cold compress? a nap?)

If you are not feeling OK mentally, for example feeling very anxious I might ask


  • what sort of situations make you feel like this or get more intense feelings?
  • do you have any physical sensations that go with the anxiety?
  • do you want to be alone, or do you feel better for having company?

Your Remedy

When I have a good picture of things, I will look for a remedy which matches you and your symptoms – one that is truly individualised for you, in your situation now.  

You will receive the remedy in the post a few days after the consultation if you live in the UK, or if you live outside the UK I will send you a prescription and instructions on where to order from.

Remedies are easy to take

Remedies are usually small spherical granules from 2-5mm approximately and are made from a sucrose base, but they can also come in power or liquid form.  

The granules are placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve – they are easy to take, and kids usually love them because they taste slightly sweet.  

The liquid remedies come in a dropper bottle liquid remedies are almost tasteless.  

The powders and the granules can also be dissolved in water and sipped – they do not change the taste of the water.


Follow-ups are 4 to 5 weeks apart, and it is best to plan for a first consultation and at least two follow-ups before assessing progress.

Follow-up consultations last 45 minutes, to give us a chance to explore what has changed since you took your remedy, in order to guide the choice of your next prescription. 

What changes can I expect?

Everybody is different, so it’s difficult to predict exactly how you will react, but with the right remedy you are likely to

  • feel calmer,
  • sleep better, and
  • be better able to move on through with what is bothering you.

Physical symptoms should improve, and depending on the history and how they have been treated in the past, may well go away entirely.

The pace of change will vary from person to person; it can take from days to weeks to see some change for chronic situations, and as little as minutes for acute situations such as panic attacks.

Moving to better physical mental health is a process not a single event.  It can take some time, but the improvements can be very significant.  

As well as feeling better in yourself, you often feel clearer about your situation and also gain insight into yourself as you go along.  

So you can end up gaining increasing perspective on where you are going and how to move forwards.  

People often find this helps the process of change – as well as being quite reassuring, making you feel you are on more solid ground inside your head.

What changes have other people described?

To read about some of the changes my clients have described to me after taking remedies, have a look at changes and at testimonials